As it’s about time for part 2, and I’ve learned much in the past few years, having gained the experience of commuting to a different place, I thought I would share another powerful tip with you. This tip is even more powerful than the last time, so be very wary of when you use it.

Stand opposite the person you wish to annoy (you won’t be getting a seat, and there are too many annoying people for you not to be standing across from one, so this is a given).

Look in the direction of the person, but focus on a point behind their head so you are looking straight through them.

Refuse to make eye contact with the person, instead maintaining your gaze until the person stops being annoying, turns away or moves (or if you get tired or bored instead).

You will be astounded by how this affects people. the effects can be quite devastating. At the very least, people will be uncomfortable with it, and will seek to avoid your gaze.

For a double helping from today’s tip jar, combine the above with Pavlovian training, to entice your fellow commuters to be nice. To do this, simply wait until the person stops the annoying behaviour, then simply stop staring through them, make eye contact and smile. It will be more effective if you can repeat the training, either over multiple sessions, or multiple times in the same journey.

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